Our priority is to make Exym as fast as possible, feature-rich, and easy to use, so you can focus on what matters most: getting your job done. We have built a powerful, intuitive Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that presents information in a logical fashion and allows users to access the data they need with just a few mouse-clicks.

Our solution is suitable for any size behavioral health organization and provides comprehensive clinical note management, scheduling, reporting and analytics. It is conveniently accessible from any browser or device.

Our customizable dashboard ensures that everything that needs your attention is on your home page, and vital information is just one click away. We’ve architected Exym for redundancy and speed to ensure greater than 99.99% system uptime.

We offer superior support to quickly resolve simple issues and work hand-in-hand with you to resolve more complicated requests.




Calendar icon Core

Exym provides customized clinical note management, intuitive client and provider scheduling, and comprehensive reporting and analytics of all critical client data.


Magnify icon Analytics

Exym's Analytics provides robust access to your agency's data. From pre-built reports to custom dashboards, Exym empowers agencies to find data-driven solutions. Our analytics features streamline your agency’s processes, enabling your team to focus on their clients.


Pills iconIntegrations

Exym's proprietary electronic claims engine delivers the most consistently reliable EDI integration with State and County systems, including Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health's IBHIS system. In addition, Exym provides integrations with electronic prescription services through RXNT and outcome measures with OQ-Analyst.


Clinician iconModules

Exym offers modules for behavioral health organizations that provide foster care, residential, and substance use programs.


Easy to Use

Exym provides clean, intuitive interfaces that are easy-to-use for any clinician. Robust features deliver exactly what you need with seamless speed.

EDI for California

Developed for California's unique electronic data interchange requirements, Exym's best-in-class EDI capability was built by local industry experts who understand the state's infrastructure.

Uptime Guaranteed

Exym offers remarkable 99.99% uptime to make sure your data is always accessible, as well as responsive client support that our agencies love.


“We had never heard of a 'perfect' audit...we are certain Exym helped us achieve that result.”

Dr. Brad Hudson
Clinical Director, Children's Hospital Los Angeles