Our Story

Exym LLC was born out of the need for mental health care providers to offer behavioral health and medical services at sites other than the hospital, such as schools and outpatient centers, yet still, have access to the same patient and provider data than the hospital itself.

To meet this challenge, Matt DeBeer started Exym in 2004 to develop a web-based EHR system that can be accessed from any browser on any desktop or mobile device in any location. We also aimed from the get-go to make our system affordable and easy to use to achieve widespread adoption over time.

We have thousands of clinicians using our system in California and we are rapidly expanding within the state.

As part of our expansion strategy, we have recently partnered with Alpine Investors, a San Francisco-based private equity firm. This partnership allows us to make strategic investments in engineering and expand our customer support capacity to accelerate our growth while staying true to our mission and values.


“Our mission is to be a customer-centric, values-based organization that delivers the best, most user-friendly EHR solution and support services for outpatient mental health centers, large and small.”

Beth Berger, Exym Chief Executive Officer