Celebrating the Work You Do: Didi Hirsch

Two hours into her daily shift as a crisis line counselor, Maria received a chat message from a desperate 12-year-old girl. Anxious, depressed and alone, Janna had swallowed a bottle of her mom’s prescription meds but regretted it 15 minutes later. Maria quickly and calmly developed a rapport with Janna, gained her trust and sent... Read more

Recap of the April 2021 CURES Act Webinar

Thank you for attending Information Blocking and The CURES Act: What does it mean for you? Below you will find the replay video and a link to the webinar slides. Enjoy the replay!

Introducing Exym Engage from Exym Behavioral Health EHR

This spring Exym Behavioral Health EHR is launching a new product called Exym Engage.  Exym Engage is a set of thoughtfully curated tools designed to support remote work and virtual client care.  The product includes electronic signatures, secure document exchange, and unlimited telehealth software. Exym Engage... Read More