Celebrating the Work You Do: Helpline Youth Counseling

About Helpline Youth Counseling Helpline Youth Counseling, Inc. (HYC) has been empowering children, youth, and families since 1971. Using a client-centered, strength-based service philosophy and trauma-informed approach, they deliver integrated counseling, education, prevention, early intervention and treatment services assisting at-risk, low-income children, youth, and families to heal from trauma including child abuse, family and domestic violence,... Read more

Celebrating the Work You Do: Alternative Family Services

About Alternative Family Services Alternative Family Services provides thoughtful, informed foster care, adoption, and mental health, transition age youth, and juvenile restorative justice services across 19 counties in the Greater Bay and Sacramento areas.... Read More

Tips for Working Remotely for Therapists

It’s clear the landscape of the workplace is changing, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that change. Employers and employees have spent the past year and a half trying to find the right setup,... Read More

Celebrating the Work You Do: Boys Republic

About Boys Republic Since 1907, Boys Republic has worked with one of society’s least served yet most socially significant populations — troubled teenagers.  The survivors of childhood abuse, abandonment, serious family dysfunction or other trauma,... Read More

What is Value-Based Care?

It seems like in the past 18 months, there are more and more new terms being thrown around that apply to healthcare and mental health. One term that keeps coming up is “Value-Based Care”.... Read More