Cures Act Compliance Guidelines and Dates

As Cures Act dates and deadlines are arriving, Exym customers are reaching out asking for guidance on what the Cures Act is and what important dates they should be aware of so that their agencies are compliant with the Cures Act. We compiled this list of dates and graphics from the website as a... Read more

Celebrating the Work You Do: Safe Refuge

Safe Refuge has been an Exym customer for years. They are based in sunny Long Beach, CA and serve the entire Southern California community. Safe Refuge was established 1988. They’ve served over 20,000 men... Read More

Cybersecurity for Mental Health Agencies

Cybersecurity is something that is at the top of everyone’s minds as the cyber world has become essential for pretty much everything that we do. Every day millions of financial and health transactions take... Read More

8 Self-Care Tips for Mental Health Professionals

Practicing self-care is one of the most important activities in which people engage, and it’s especially essential for mental health professionals. For psychologists, counselors and therapists working toward others’ mental health wellness, emotional costs... Read More