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There are a wide variety of features that make Exym the EHR of choice for many behavioral health agencies in California. Learn why Exym is the best behavioral health EHR company in California! 

Fewer clicks mean easy workflows and quick training.

Simple workflows within a robust feature set. 

Custom set up to meet your unique program needs.

10 year track record of 99.99% uptime. 

Superior billing and claims processing.

BI integration so you can build custom dashboards on your own.  

Foster care and residential features at no extra cost. 

Easily track claims status and process resubmissions.  

Built-in library of outcome measures. 

Suite of reports to meet all your agency’s needs with real-time data.  

Custom reports for any data that you capture. 

Run eligibility checks on your clients in real time.  


“We had a different EHR before. Exym is very responsive when you have an issue. You get a response. You get a good response. That’s the secret sauce of Exym.”

Hayley Levy, Director of Administration & Clinical Services, Special Service for Groups, Inc. (SSG)

Powerfully intuitive design for clinicians

Spend more time with clients and less time managing your work.

We guarantee ease-of-use and speed in our user experience. Our clean interfaces allow your staff to accomplish tasks with as few clicks as possible. Exym’s behavioral health software provides extremely configurable, intuitive software that is easy to learn and quick to train. Our behavioral health EHR software is built to meet the precise needs of behavioral health agencies, with a specific focus on California.

Seamless billing that works

Connect with your payers to get reimbursed quickly, all while improving your claims acceptance.

We build our software to meet the ever-changing requirements of Medi-Cal and other payers. Exym is also tightly integrated with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health (LADMH) electronic claims systems, allowing you to submit claims that meet all county requirements. We provide best-in-class Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability to more LA DMH agencies than any other vendor. Learn why Exym is the best EHR company in California and how to simplify billing!


Find out about Exym’s ease-of-use and speed.

Learn why Exym is the best behavioral health EHR company in California!

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