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Behavioral Health EHR for Providers in California


Behavioral health software for agencies across California. Thousands of clinicians use our intuitive, robust EHR to simplify their billing, documenting, and case management needs. Based in California, Exym is built to meet California's unique needs and regulations. 


Why Exym?

Exym is an intuitive, user-friendly EHR solution that tracks everything your agency needs. Easily manage your patient data, progress notes, clinician activities, and behavioral health billing.

Behavioral Health EHR

Our behavioral health software connects you with all your payers so you can get reimbursed quickly, while improving your claims acceptance rates. Our best-in-class integrations with state and county systems make sure you meet evolving regulations.

Seamless Connectivity

Always Reliable

Your system is always available with Exym's 99.99% uptime. We provide full onboarding and training services, as well as a customer support team that answers 95% of tickets within 1 hour.

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“Everyone at Exym has been really great in helping us get our claims sorted out and prepared for processing.”

Jim Adams, Executive Director, Trinity Youth Services

Built for California

Our priority is to make Exym as fast as possible, feature-rich, and easy to use, so you can focus on what matters most: getting your job done. We have built a powerful, intuitive behavioral health EHR that presents information in a logical fashion and allows users to access the data they need with just a few mouse-clicks.

Exym provides customized clinical note management, intuitive client and provider scheduling, and comprehensive reporting and analytics of all critical client data.

Exym's Analytics provides robust access to your agency's data. From pre-built reports to custom dashboards, Exym empowers agencies to find data-driven solutions.

Exym's proprietary electronic claims engine delivers the most consistently reliable EDI integration with State and County systems, including Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health's IBHIS system.

Exym offers modules for behavioral health organizations that provide foster care, residential, and substance use programs.