EHR Software for Schools

Mental health is an important component of education, but managing student mental health data can be a time-consuming task. Exym's EHR software can be used in schools and is designed to help with daily case management needs so you can focus on your top priority: your students.

Product Features for Schools

Access Data From Any Location

Access Data From Any Location

Whether you’re working at multiple school sites or completing clinical notes at home, you can securely access data from any location.

Customizable Permissions Dependent on Role

Customizable Permissions Dependent on Role

Control who can see data and private health information and customize permissions for each supervisor, clinician or intern.

Custom Notes That Track the Clinical Data You Want

Custom Notes That Track the Clinical Data You Want

Customize clinical notes to fit your program needs. Make note documentation efficient, accurate, and customized for your schools’s unique workflows.

Outcomes Tracking + Reporting

Outcomes Tracking + Reporting

Easily track outcomes and report to your district about the successes in your program. Easily monitor clinician case loads, time spent with students, and student attendance.

Some Ways Schools Use Exym's EHR Software

Appointment Reminders

Trigger automated reminders for appointments so nothing gets missed

Trigger Intake Packets

The software will remind you to fill out an intake packet when working with a new student

Setting Diagnosis Goals

Set diagnosis goals for each student you work with

Due Date Reminders

Never miss a due date when the software automatically sends you a reminder about upcoming dates

Activity Tracking

Easily document activities for each individual student


Collect signatures remotely from administrators, teachers, or parents

Outcomes Tracking

Track outcomes to easily report them to your school board

Intern Management

Customize permissions for interns and set reminders to guide them through workflows


Meet with students or family members remotely and in a HIPAA-compliant environment

Program Reporting

Easily run reports on student attendance, case loads, demographics, and other pertinent information

Remote Work

Work remotely or at any school site and securely access all of your information

We've partnered with school districts to increase access to mental health services to more than 117,000 K-12 students and 6,000 educators. Some of the school districts that use Exym's EHR software include:

"Exym's customer service is out of this world. I love their friendly, helpful staff that you can reach out to quickly. The software is affordable for school districts and does the job of documenting mental health services. Knowing that there is someone to talk to who can help you use the system has made a huge difference for our program!"

Olivia Dahlin, M.S., LMFT

Coordinator of Mental Health and Support

Santa Ana Unified School District

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