by Jessica Carey

Marketing Director


Counseling4Kids has been in business for nearly 25 years, and they started as a small private practice with just a few therapists with a desire to help children who were involved in the Foster Care system. Early on, these therapists recognized the effects of trauma on children separated from their families and the long-lasting impact resulting from displacement. Moreover, identifying the varying and sometimes multiple root causes present in their lives was important to begin the process of therapeutic healing and advocating for those without voices. That specialization scaled from a few therapists to an organization that partners with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) to offer services in the northern and southern areas of Los Angeles County.

Today Counseling4Kids utilizes a combination of licensed therapists and clinical associate therapists (working on their licensure) to treat their clients, with plans to teach and train the next generation of therapists who are completing their education. Their new foundation is built on an amalgamation of cultivating and maintaining a strong and balanced culture. They realize that culture is the most important factor in organizational success, and they emphasize a creative and collaborative working environment. They are held together by core values and there is a great sense of involvement. They emphasize long-term stakeholder development where success is defined within the framework of addressing the needs of the clients and caring for the employees. They do all of this through a dynamic working environment where staff is empowered with authority versus the responsibility of tasks, and they promote accountability, transparency, teamwork, trust, the creation of wildly successful customers, and developing their people.


Counseling4Kids Mission

Counseling4Kids delivers healing and advocacy to at-risk children and families to improve the quality of life for all.

Counseling4Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides effective mental health services to abused and neglected children and youth in Los Angeles County. They specialize in the treatment of children in foster care.

Why Counseling4Kids is Unique

  • Their therapists travel to the home and schools of the children in their programs to provide therapy.
  • Providing services to the child at home creates better outcomes with less missed appointments, the ability to identify stressors in the home, and the opportunity to follow a child through multiple home placements.
  • They use a combination of licensed and unlicensed therapists who are trained in the unique needs of at-risk youth.

Core Values


They are personally and collectively responsible for our words, actions, emotions, decisions, successes, and failures. They acknowledge our mistakes without fear, and self-correct understanding the need to make things right and to maintain healthy relationships and results.


They are honest and openly communicate with others and they willingly sharing information even when it may be uncomfortable. They will not have hidden agendas or conditions and commit to collaborative motives and cooperation to ensure they make the best decisions.


They will work together collaborating to achieve common goals in the most effective and efficient way, by being transparent and showing concern and support for the wellbeing of each other, their partners, and their clients.


Establishing a system of safety and belief based on mutual understanding, expectations, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and open communication which create dependable individuals, systems, departments, and an organization.

Create Wildly Successful Customers:

They will work to understand the dynamic and complex needs of our clients and be agile in their efforts to provide quality services by addressing their needs and equipping them with the tools and resources to help them thrive and succeed in any environment.

Develop Their People:

Cultivate an environment that supports and promotes personal and professional growth opportunities for all staff and clients.


Home-Based Program

Counseling4Kids uses a “clinic without walls” model, providing in-home therapy because of the many benefits to children and families. When services come to the family, the number of missed sessions are minimized. If a child moves to a new home, the therapist can follow the client and provide continuity of care. Therapy is provided by clinicians who are well trained in the unique needs of children.

School-Linked Program

The school program at Counseling4Kids provides effective mental health services to at risk children and youth in local school districts. Counseling4Kids launched its school program in January 2016. They provide parenting classes, case management, and individual rehab services in adjunct to mental health services provided by licensed clinicians. The goal of the school program is to minimize the effects of trauma, assist parents in increasing effective communication, and to provide comprehensive services to children and their families in the community.

MAT Program

Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (MAT) is a collaborative effort between the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the Department of Mental Health (DMH), and other community providers. It is designed to ensure the immediate and comprehensive assessment of children and youth entering out-of-home placement.

When a child is newly detained, he/she is eligible to receive a MAT assessment through DCFS. The MAT assessment was designed to make sure that all child/family needs are assessed when a child/youth enters foster care. This assessment is meant to help a family meet needs a child may have that place the family in danger of a lengthy separation. The information gathered by this assessment will be used to determine what services are most needed by the child with the intention of using this information for the most appropriate placement of the child while ensuring that his/her needs will be met.


Exym is one of the market leaders for Mental Health Information Systems and they offer a solid platform built on the experience of former therapists and clinicians. Exym has great relationships with many local providers, and they work very hard to listen, accommodate, and implement solutions that benefit their clients. Their extensive knowledge of LACDMH requirements is a bonus for our operations and creates a comfort level and assurance of accuracy, reliability, dependability, and functionality we require from our EHR.

Sheldon Brackett, CEO at Counseling4Kids

Exym’s software supports the Counseling4Kids mission by providing an Electronic Health Record system that gives them a robust repository for client data needed for their operations. A major challenge organizations can face is the management of a vast amount of data required to complete referrals, open and assign cases, store confidential clinical data including notes and assessments, track appointments, generate reports, and consolidate communications with clients. Completing these tasks is paramount to agency success in ensuring they have access to information, and they are meeting compliance requirements.

Exym is an integral part of Counseling4Kids’ internal ecosystem filling the technological needs and it satisfies compliance and confidentiality needs for the countywide system of care for clients. Counseling4kids delivers healing and advocacy to at-risk children and families to improve the quality of life for all as is stated in their mission statement. Exym allows them to dedicate more time to focus on the needs of their stakeholders without the need to allocate more resources to administrative functions. The data generated from Exym helps Counseling4Kids develop programs that target current issues and trends to better serve their communities.

Exym behavioral health EHR software prioritizes being on the forefront of innovation and keeping our customers informed of changes in regulations in the mental health and behavioral health industry. If you’d like to learn more about Exym, click here.

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