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Celebrating the Work You Do: Boys Republic

About Boys Republic Since 1907, Boys Republic has worked with one of society’s least served yet most socially significant populations — troubled teenagers.  The survivors of childhood abuse, abandonment, serious family dysfunction or other trauma,... Read More

What is Value-Based Care?

It seems like in the past 18 months, there are more and more new terms being thrown around that apply to healthcare and mental health. One term that keeps coming up is “Value-Based Care”.... Read More

Celebrating the Work You Do: Safe Refuge

Safe Refuge has been an Exym customer for years. They are based in sunny Long Beach, CA and serve the entire Southern California community. Safe Refuge was established 1988. They’ve served over 20,000 men... Read More

Cybersecurity for Mental Health Agencies

Cybersecurity is something that is at the top of everyone’s minds as the cyber world has become essential for pretty much everything that we do. Every day millions of financial and health transactions take... Read More