Los Angeles & San Francisco, CAExym LLC, the leader in cloud-based EHR software for outpatient behavioral health clinics in California, announced today that it has partnered with Alpine Investors V, VI, and VI-A, LP (“Alpine”), a values-driven private equity firm with a mission to build enduring software companies. Exym’s founder, Matt DeBeer, will remain active in the business, transitioning to a product strategy and customer advocacy role as CTO. Nick Horn, part of Alpine’s PeopleFirst program, has assumed the role as CEO at Exym.

Since its inception in 2004, Exym has acquired over 75 customers and proudly delivers best-in-class customer support, product reliability, and ease-of-use to thousands of active users while processing over $300 million in electronic claims in the past year. Built with clinicians and end-users in mind, Exym EHR offers comprehensive billing, documentation and scheduling functionality for managing behavioral health practices. Exym also provides robust reporting and foster care services, and its premium Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability guarantees that providers can reliably interact with county claims systems, Medicare, and private payers to ensure timely billing and reimbursement.

“Behavioral health is an increasingly critical component of a well-functioning health system in this country and what Matt and his team have built at Exym is truly special,” said Mark Strauch, Chairman of the Board and Partner at Alpine. “By combining Nick’s leadership experience with Matt’s deep understanding of our customers and technology, we are poised for accelerated growth. I’m excited to see where we can go together.”

Already the dominant mental health EHR software for contract providers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, a market of over 13 million people, Exym continues to grow throughout California and the western United States. Building on over a decade of EDI experience, and over $1 Billion in total processed electronic claims, Exym plans to further broaden its product portfolio and tightly integrate its cloud-based software with other major California county behavioral health information systems.

The partnership with Alpine allows Exym to make strategic investments in engineering and expand its customer support capacity. “We are incredibly excited to be teaming up with Alpine Investors,” said DeBeer. “This partnership will provide Exym with additional resources and expertise to accelerate company growth now that we have a market-proven EHR solution with more deployed customers in the largest market in the country.”

“Both the performance and future potential for the company is remarkable,” commented Horn. “Before finalizing our partnership, we spoke with numerous Exym customers and their praise for Matt, the Exym team, and the product was effusive. The opportunity to support even more customers in their quest to help people, while preserving what makes this company great and unique, is incredibly thrilling and energizing. I couldn’t be more excited to lead Exym into the next chapter.”

About Exym

Exym LLC is the leading EHR software provider for outpatient mental health clinics in California with over 75 customers and over 5,000 active clinician users. The Exym software simplifies the process of electronic billing (EDI), documenting and managing behavioral health services with intuitive, cost-effective and easy-to-use cloud-based software. For more information, visit www.exym.com.

About Alpine Investors

Alpine Investors is a values-driven private equity firm with a mission to build enduring companies by working with, learning from and developing exceptional people. Alpine specializes in middle-market companies in the software, online and business services industries. For more information, visit www.alpine-investors.com.