Mental Health EHR Software Buyers Guide

What is EHR software?

Before you start shopping for an EHR, it’s important to understand what it is and how it can help your agency. An EHR is an electronic version of a client’s health & medical history maintained by the provider over time. Think of it like an electronic version of a paper chart. Well-designed EHR’s also streamline practice management, automate billing, and capture powerful data that can inform treatment and agency decisions.

A robust EHR software system provides tools that empower behavioral health and mental health professionals to provide the best client care possible.

Studies have shown that the important client data found within EHRs positively contributes to public health outcomes. A report found that 75% of providers feel their electronic health record software enables them to deliver better patient care. Furthermore, 88% of respondents felt that their EHR also helped them achieve clinical benefits for the health of their agency.

75% of providers feel their electronic health record software enables them to deliver better patient care

How will EHR software impact your mental health agency?

There’s often not enough time in the day. The addition of an EHR to the mix can seem overwhelming. Who wants to learn new software?

It’s important not to focus on the short-term challenges you and your agency will face with the implementation of new software. Consider how much smoother everyone’s work day with go when they have the right system for maximum efficiency! A properly implemented EHR will save your agency time.

Some impacts of good EHR software:

  • Your agency and clinicians will have instant information at their fingertips
  • Clinicians can easily write notes on activities with clients
  • Track client outcomes at an individual and agency level
  • Improved billing & payment efficiency
  • Make data-driven decisions about employees, clients and your agency

What technology is included in EHR software?

All EHR’s are different so it’s important to ask lots of questions to make sure that the one your choose has the features you need. Some common technology included in EHR software is:

  • A Telehealth Component– In the past two years this has become more important than ever. A strong telehealth component allows providers to provide care from anywhere while maintaining HIPAA compliance.
  • A Cloud for Data Storage– when data is stored in the cloud that means it can be securely accessed from any location. Most EHR’s have multiple security checks to ensure this is done in a way that maintains HIPAA privacy and compliance. It means users can work from any location which is necessary in 2022!
  • User Experience– We spend so much of our time online that user experience is becoming more and more important. A well-designed UX can save time and is quicker to learn. It’s also just nicer to look at.
  • Patient Portal– Patient portals are becoming extremely important. A patient portal can allow clients to access records, sign documents and schedule or cancel appointments.
  • Additional Add-Ons– Most EHR’s have optional add ons that you can select based on your agency’s needs. Billing, analytics and scheduling add-ons can all save time and help your agency run more efficiently.

When is the best time to implement an EHR?

Implementing an EHR is a heavy lift- no doubt about it! It’s still better to do it the sooner the better. Even though the initial change of learning new software can seem intimidating, once implemented agencies can save time wasted on paper notes or inefficient software. Streamlining workflows, automating billing and providing better care will make it worth the temporary discomfort of learning something new.

How can I evaluate the best EHR for my agency?

There are lots of EHR’s on the market and it can be hard to find the right one for your agency. Fortunately in an internet age there are also lots of resources to get great information and reviews before you sign on the dotted line. Some common ways agencies gather information before choosing an EHR are:

  • Demos- Consider booking demos with multiple EHR’s so you can compare what’s out there. Look for honest salespeople who really have your agencies best interest at heart.
  • Referrals- Talk to other agencies in your community about what EHR software they use. Ask the EHRs you’re considering to send you references from agencies who use their software. It will help to talk to agencies like yours that are using the software and know its pros and cons.
  • Reviews- Read customer reviews on software sites like Capterra or Software Advice. Companies can’t delete negative reviews left here so you’ll likely get a complete picture of how customers feel.

Exym EHR Software

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