Celebrating the Work You Do: Greater New Beginnings

When the world was shocked by the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement followed, we here at Exym wanted to do something.

We built an application for pro bono customers that served the black community as a small way we could give back. When we read about the incredible work at Greater New Beginnings we knew we wanted to support them and the care they provide. 

About Greater New Beginnings

Greater New Beginnings is one of the first STRTP CARF Accredited Medi-Cal Providers in Alameda County. They are successfully providing mental health services to male youth between the ages of 12-18, and they’re the only Probation STRTP in Alameda County. At-risk youth are placed in the program by the juvenile justice court. Their mission to assist youth in creating new beginnings can be witnessed in their team approach, incredible nurturing environment, ongoing partnership with community leaders, and a sincere desire to change lives for the better. Their program is intended to modify the behavior that landed the youth in the juvenile justice system.  Each individual’s duration in the program is decided by the court and probation officer.

“I have had a really great experience at Greater New Beginnings. It helped me realize that there is more to life and that bad choices have bad consequences and good choices lead to a better life. This program has opened my eyes and now I’m doing good. I got my GED and now I’m going to go to college and get a part time job. I really want to thank Ken Porter for allowing me to come to his program he has been a great help in my life.”

Omar Ramirez, Greater New Beginnings Graduate

The National Conference of State Legislatures states, “ A growing body of research indicates that kids who participate in one risky behavior often participate in others. Whether in school, at home or with peers, youth are bombarded by negative cultural influences, peer pressure and often challenging life circumstances that include poverty, homelessness, foster care, lack of parental involvement, domestic violence in the home, bullying and harassment at school or experience with juvenile detention. Some kids prove resilient; others do not. We do know that kids who are connected to caring adults, engaged in school and have productive roles at home, in organizations or the community at large have strengths or “assets” that help to insulate them from pressures and influences that prove destructive. In contrast, kids who find themselves hopeless, depressed and disconnected from others can turn to increasingly harmful and risky behavior.”

Parents, community leaders, and state and federal agencies are working together with Greater New Beginnings to find solutions. Their mission to rehabilitate youth and develop their infinite potential is one that gathers the community together for a common purpose.

Exym Behavioral Health EHR and Greater New Beginnings

Prior to working with Exym, Greater New Beginnings was not using EHR software. Once they saw the Exym product, they were excited about the customization of forms to ensure all regulatory information is recorded, the efficient internal tracking and the way all signatures are captured. Collectively, this will contribute to the quality of their service delivery and ensure the highest level of care. The staff at Exym is looking forward to supporting the important work taking place at Greater New Beginnings!

“Exym’s software is a great addition to your organization.  Their EHR system combines the mental health component with the residential component to create a comprehensive system that  results in more efficient processes, enhanced team collaboration and a positive impact on clients.”

La Tanya Hawkins, Compliance Officer at Greater New Beginnings

About Exym Behavioral Health EHR

Are you looking for cloud-based behavioral health EHR software that is tailored to your needs as a substance use provider? Exym is here for you with a robust system that includes billing, telehealth, analytics, customizable forms and workflows, and comprehensive functionality.  We’re proud of our reliable 99.99% uptime and our support team that answers most questions within an hour.

Exym is a leader in behavioral health EHR software for behavioral health agencies. We proudly serve agencies across California with our intuitive, robust behavioral health EHR system. 45,000+ clients per month are served by clinicians who use Exym’s cloud-based EHR software to simplify their billing, documentation, and case management needs. As a behavioral health EHR company in California, Exym is built to meet California’s unique needs and regulations.

Would you like to learn more about Greater New Beginnings? Click below to visit their site.