Celebrating the Work That You Do: ChildNet Youth & Family Services Celebrates 50 Years

ChildNet’s History

Exym customer ChildNet is celebrating 50 years of serving vulnerable children and families, and we want to celebrate the amazing work that they do.  ChildNet Youth and Family Services was founded in 1970 by a group of Long Beach civic leader whose goal was to foster the social, emotional, and educational development of troubled and disadvantaged youth. ChildNet has since grown from a single youth home that served an average of 100 boys annually to an organization with seven locations covering five counties, serving upwards of 12,000 clients annually. With a mission to provide safe homes, education, and counseling to vulnerable children and families, their program philosophy reinforces personal responsibility and emphasizes the need for a strong family unit.

ChildNet has a variety of programs that serve the needs of the community.  From adoption services and foster family services to therapeutic behavioral services and relative home assessment services, ChildNet has identified the needs in their community and found innovative ways to meet those needs.  In their largest program, Behavioral Health Services, they provide mental health services and counseling for children from infancy to young adulthood. They have approximately 95 clinicians and 20 clinical supervisors who have been trained in one or more of the six evidence-based practices they offer to clients and their families. ChildNet’s practices have proven to be effective in diminishing or eliminating the emotional and behavioral symptoms that interfere with the youth’s functioning at home, school and community.

ChildNet + Exym’s Behavioral Health EHR Platform

ChildNet moved to Exym’s behavioral health EHR platform in 2020.  Transitioning a large, established organization to a new EHR can seem intimidating, but Exym is committed to providing a level of service that makes the process smooth and painless.  Exym provides an implementation manager that will work with you every step of the way while getting your new EHR up and running.  ChildNet COO Monica Quinones said about their move “Exym offers a user-friendly platform for the field workers and excellent customer service. They are always willing to help.”

Exym’s behavioral health EHR platform serves customers who do incredible work and is proud to provide excellent software that helps agencies achieve their mission.  We are happy to serve ChildNet and support their mission of providing safe homes, education, and counseling to vulnerable children and families.  If you’re interested in supporting ChildNet and the work they do, click here.