Recap of December 2020 Grant Writing Webinar

Thank you for attending
Data + Dollars: Using Report Data to Write Winning Grants!

Below you will find links to the Theory of Change Grant Project Planning Worksheet Dr. Browning mentioned during the webinar and a list of grant opportunities for California Non-Profits we’ve put together for you.

And, don’t forget to review the Q&A section for the answers to questions we didn’t have time to answer during the webinar.

Enjoy the replay!

Q & A with Dr. Beverly Browning

Q: Please recommend some of the best Data collection tools?

A: For health care organizations, I recommend the EHR system provided by Exym.

Q: Data collection tools that align with collecting aggregate data on participants and/or a target audience?

A: Again, I am recommending Exym for all health care providers. As you could see from the shared web pages today, the data for grants can be reported quickly and efficiently via the Exym system.

Q: Do you see the grants trending more towards unrestricted funding?

A: Only until COVID is no longer the #1 threat to our world.

Q: By training, I am a strategic planner and data visualization specialist.  What advice do you have as I seek to move into nonprofit?

A: Focus on a rigorous data tracking system that provides critical statistics to support your statement of need, program design, and evaluation plan narratives in grant proposals. One of the largest weakness that I see in all nonprofits is the lack of urgency on knowing what data to collect, how to collect it, how to interpret it in order to understand if they are offering the most needed services, and what to do if the data shows red flags.

Q: Hi Dr. Bev, how do encourage a potential client to utilize real data beforehand? I had a recent client, whose data was very old, and they would not budge. Would you expound on the importance of real-time data?

A: Yes, the Saturday morning, 16-week virtual Coaching/Mentoring Course for grant writers, new nonprofit executive directors, and others seeking to learn about grant funding and grant writing has been flying below the social media radar until this week. There is so much to learn, and the takeaways are phenomenal!