Exym is the Golden Thread in Counseling for the Golden State

The Golden Thread in Counseling

Behavioral health providers have many details to consider when completing documentation with accuracy, compliance, and reimbursement standards in mind. As a past clinician myself, I remember evenings in the office making my way through stacks of paper charts. I would have one finger on the intake tab, the other on my note page, flipping back and forth to ensure I referenced our treatment goals and diagnostic criteria in my writing. I didn’t call it the Golden Thread at the time, but I knew the importance of the seamless continuity within each section of that chart. Today’s best EHR companies use the Golden Thread in counseling to take this burden off the shoulders of clinicians so that they can focus on client-care and self-care and less on the page flipping of the past. I feel honored to work for an behavioral health EHR whose mission it is to support the mental wellness of the Golden State residents by supporting the EHR end-users who serve them.   

Golden Thread Mental Health Documentation

Exym’s Golden Thread mental health documentation begins in a customer’s implementation when our team builds out each program, billing codes, and note templates to specifically align. When a clinician schedules a session for their client, those details auto-sync. Completing a progress note is intuitive and accurate following these same rules. Their note template includes the presenting problem, goals, and diagnostics from the most recent assessment and treatment plan. Clinicians can even copy these goals into the note body below to elaborate on, saving time while staying on target. Supervisors have access to all of this information when they approve notes that then move to claims. The diagnosis, which is critical for claim processing, is present while Exym logic reviews claims to auto-flag those with errors preventing invoicing. With our seamless billing engine working for our California county billers, customers get reimbursed with ease and pass their audits with flying colors.    

While the days of paper charts are behind most of us, The Golden Thread clinical documentation is not always a part of the technology of today. Exym knows that with continuity of client information, available every step of the way, the clinician and administrative staff are put in the best position to take care of their work, themselves, and in turn and most importantly, those they serve.  

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Elise Witek, LMHC